‘Always Do Your Research’ Before Getting Botulinum

Many of us go for Botulinum (Botox) injections for a number of reasons – perhaps to look a little fresher, or maybe to banish a problem worry line once and for all.

Cosmopolitan’s beauty editor Samantha Freedman had her first injection at 28 and has some wisdom to impart – and admits it is a beauty treatment she feels she has benefited from.

Having a practitioner who is competent is the place to start, she said.

The forehead is where most people feel they would like a little lift – the worries of the day to day, too many days of sun worshipping and good old fashioned aging affect many of us, after all.

Freedman said an average dose of Botulinum in the forehead is between 10 and 25. You are asked to lie on a treatment bed and the practitioner administers small jabs as you raise and lower your brows across six points and in between the eyebrows – where those pesky frown lines like to make their home.

As with most injections, Botulinum administration is slightly uncomfortable, and there is the risk of some bruising and blotchiness depending on the skin sensitivity of the individual.

As for seeing the effects, you may have to wait between three and five days to see it work. Freedman had less movement in her forehead after day three and then after a week it was immobile.

The results of Botulinum injections last between three and five months, with the best results occurring if the individual uses a daily antioxidant topical serum and a good sun protecting moisturiser.