Will You Try Yellow Eyeshadow This Year?

There are always new makeup trends popping up, but one that requires you to be quite daring is yellow eyeshadow.

Refinery29 recently offered some advice on how to pull this look off though if you’ve spotted the shade on celebrities and want to have a go yourself.

The first piece of advice is to find the right shade of yellow to use – the website notes that you need one that complements your skin tone. The main advice is that if you have fair skin, you’ll want to stick to muted yellows, while if you’ve got medium to deep skin tones you can get away with something more vibrant.

And if you’re not sure you can get away with yellow, gold can be a good compromise showing that you’re still on trend but without so many opportunities for your eye makeup to look off.

You also need to use layers and textures to make the yellow eyeshadow look come alive. The website highlighted Margot Robbie’s stunning look, which saw her makeup artist using a matte cream colour on the lid, as well as “warmer caramel tones across the crease and extended all the way up to the brow”.

Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta also offered some advice on how to rock yellow eyeshadow in E! News recently.

He stressed the importance of choosing a primer with “yellow undertones” to start with, and to make sure you blend your eyeshadow enough. He claimed that one of the biggest eye makeup mistakes people make is not blending enough, so take heed!

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