Will These Cosmetic Procedure Trends Define 2018?

‘New Year, new me’ doesn’t have to mean a relentless diet and exercise routine – it could just mean time to treat yourself to those advanced dermal fillers at last. But if you are thinking about trying something new, it’s worth keeping in mind the latest and breakthrough treatments and procedures in the world of cosmetics, to make sure your choice really lets you shine in 2018.

Well the lovely team over at Coveteur spent some time talking to The American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery to see what’s on the horizon for them when it comes to cosmetic procedures for the new year.


Are those fillers?

We love the look of dermal fillers, but the best use of them will have others guessing whether or not you have had them. Going for a not-so-obvious look could come from simply ensuring the right kind of filler is used for your skin, or scaling back to keep your look natural but definitely plump.


Stop ageing before it starts

Preemptive anti-ageing means that younger and younger men and women will be looking for cosmetic procedures. The industry calls it ‘prejuvenation’ and reasons that these smaller procedures might nip the need for a larger one in the bud in future.



One of the most common reasons doctors in the US get patients in is too help them look better on social media. The benefit we have here is that we have endless examples of what we like on others and don’t on our selves, which can make it easier to identify what might be the best procedure to achieve your goals.