Which Semi-Permanent Makeup Course

Semi-permanent makeup is one of the fastest growing treatments in the UK. The amount of certified practitioners in Europe has grown from just a small handful of people to over 1,000 with a growth rate of about 10% each year.  This excelled growth is due to the masses of people that have been looking for longer-term solutions to looking their best. In a society where time is priceless and limited, semi-permanent makeup is so appealing as clients can reduce their daily makeup routine and save time, and always look their best whether they are swimming, in the gym or wearing no makeup.

Semi-permanent makeup is an advanced form of tattooing that uses pigments to achieve the desired look. It can be used on eyebrows, on the lash line as eyeliner and on the lips to give definition and colour.

There are many different semi-permanent makeup courses that you can take. However, each one can have a different qualification, so you need to make sure you choose the right one. Read the following to understand how each course can help develop and grow your business.

Bridging into Microblading and SPMU Course

This course is perfect for people who want to change their career but cannot attend the Microblading and SPMU courses as they don’t have the necessary qualifications. If you are thinking about starting your own business, or want to leave the industry you are currently in, this is a great way to start on that journey. It means that you can gain the skills needed to attend further courses in microblading and widen your skill set. It covers brow and eyelash tinting, brow shaping, waxing and mapping.

VTCT Certificate in Micropigmentation

This semi-permanent makeup course covers the latest techniques in brow enhancement and shaping. It also trains you in eyeliner, lip liner, lip blush and full lip colour. It is a five-day course and includes a wide-ranging kit that can prepare you to start earning straight after your training! It is a course perfect for those who want to start or add to their career with Micropigmentation. But, to take this course, you must have completed a Level 3 related qualification prior.

When taking this course, there will be a home study package to complete. You need to do ten case studies as well as six treatment assessments of practical work before your certificate is issued.

The course includes many things beyond the practical training such as colour therapy, eyeliner and lip application. It also teaches you the history of semi-permanent makeup as well as how to set up your own business with insurance. You will learn hygiene, safety, licensing and clinical waste, all important when carrying out this treatment.

This Level 4 certificate is of a high standard and is recognised in the UK and worldwide. This course is a great way to show your current and potential clients that you work to regulations and are trustworthy, professional and credible.

Microblading Hair Stroke Brows

This two-day course is designed for people who want to start a new career or add to their existing one with eyebrow enhancement. You will need to hold either a Beauty Therapy Level 2 Qualification or other Brow Qualifications to enter this course. An in-house certificate is issued when your course is completed to a satisfactory level. Moreover, you will work with an insurance company who will insure you to carry out your case studies. They will then transfer you to full insurance cover once you have completed the course. There will also be a home study package to complete before and after the course before your certificate can be issued.

You will learn the latest techniques in brow enhancement and brow design. The course includes single stroke eyebrows, colour therapy and designing eyebrows. You will also learn to understand the blades and pigments, aftercare and more relevant information. It is perfect to learn for clients who have over-plucked their brows in the past, undergone chemotherapy or suffered from hair loss. These techniques are used to create a natural brow which can lift and emphasise the eyes.

It comes with a kit that can help you start earning over £100 per client after completion of the course!

Semi-Permanent Makeup Brows

This course is perfect for hairdressers who have a spare room or time to offer more treatments for their clients. The potential earnings are great as you can charge as much as £100 per client for this brow enhancement.

Over the three day course, you will learn techniques for brow enhancement. This can ensure that your clients will share positive reviews of your skills with their friends and family. There will be a home study package to complete before and after the course as well as three case studies.

Microblading Ombre Brows

This is a one day course plus three case studies to earn you a certification in one of the latest trending treatments in the beauty industry. Ombre brows look soft and subtle, giving the illusion of a filled in brow. They do this by using two different tones, one light and one dark. A lighter shade is used on the inside and then gradually darkened towards the arch and outer length.

The course will teach you how to use dilution of pigments, 3D shading and how to implant into the correct area of the dermis.

VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques

This qualification consists of 5 units in total. Health and safety, client care and consultation, enhancing appearance using microblading, anatomy and physiology for microblading and eyebrow shaping services.

Required attendance is only two days, and then you will need to complete ten case studies and coursework in the comfort of your own clinic or home. You then return to complete assessments and an end test before your qualification is complete. You will work with an insurance company who will insure you during the course and after.

Microblading Eyeliner and Lips Training

This course is quick to take, only one day of practical work and three case studies to complete before a certificate is issued. It is a master course and to join this course you need to hold a qualification in Microblading Eyebrows. Therefore, this course is perfect for people who want to add to their existing qualifications and grow their business.

This course teaches you the latest techniques for eyeliner, lip liner and lip blush. You will also learn about the blades, pricing and aftercare. It is perfect to promote to clients who are lacking in eyelashes, are alopecia sufferers and people with thin, pale lips. Techniques are used to create eyeliner to emphasise the eyes. As well as create fuller looking lips with enhanced shape and colour.

You will work with an insurance company throughout your training which will then insure you after the completion of your course. You will also be provided with tools for your training that can also help you earn over £100 per client once qualified.

SPMU Lip Enhancement

This one day course can be added on to the brow and liner course or undertaken on its own. To take it separately you will need a SPMU certificate already to be on the course. There will be three case studies before the course is completed and a certificate is issued.

The course is perfect to learn if you know you have or can source clients interested in lip liner or infill. This is because it can help those who have lost lip definition due to ageing, those who have pale lips or cannot keep lip liner or lipstick applied.

Any of these courses can help create or develop a business for you. These semi-permanent makeup courses can help you to learn specific skills that can last a lifetime. Due to the popularity of this form of beauty therapy, it can be greatly beneficial to add to a hair salon or to create a whole new business. If any of these semi-permanent makeup courses interest you, contact Advanced Aesthetics today for more information on our course dates and financing options.