What Are PDO Threads?

If you’re keen to make a career for yourself in the health and beauty industry, you do need to make sure you’re up to speed with all the latest advancements – and PDO threads are something you should certainly familiarise yourself if you’re to provide your clients with the very best service.

PDO therapy is a cosmetic procedure that works by lifting and tightening up any sagging skin by helping to stimulate collagen production. Fine threads are implanted into your skin using small needles, threads that stay in the skin to help stimulate collagen synthesis. After six months or so, these threads will be absorbed by the body.

The process is typically carried out under local anaesthetic and, depending on the area being treated, it takes between 45 minutes to an hour to complete. It’s a popular procedure at the moment because it’s so quick and because there are minimal side effects. Remind your clients that they may see some swelling and bruising that lasts about two or three days – but this is perfectly normal and not something to worry about.

You can use this kind of therapy on the brows, the cheeks, neck, jawline, arms, abdomen and thighs. Clients can expect to see results for up to three years, another reason why it’s becoming such a popular procedure for those keen to turn back the clock a bit.

Of course, you need to make sure that you receive the appropriate training before carrying out the procedure on a client. So for help with training courses in PDO threads in Cheshire, get in touch with us today.