What Are HD Brows?

HD Brows are the next significant trend in the aesthetic and eyebrow industry – but what exactly are they? Different from both standard tinting treatments and microblading, HD Brows provide a unique experience and result for clients seeking shorter-term results but the same fabulous results as more semi-permanent procedures. It is the must-have treatment at this moment, and your clinic could well lose out to competitors if you don’t add this to your list of available treatments.

Read on to learn more about HD Brows, why they are so popular and how they can benefit your clinic if you take a course as soon as possible.

What Are HD Brows?

HD brows are a bespoke eyebrow treatment tailored to the client, abandoning stencils and instead working on what suits and frames the clients face best and their desired outcome. Practitioners combine custom-blended colour and hair removal techniques to help enhance the natural brows and create a shape, look and colour that suits you perfectly.

After an initial consultation, the practitioner creates a custom-blended tint using HD brow dyes to create the ideal tone to complement their client’s skin and hair tones. Not every final tint will be the same, as practitioners create something unique and tailored to the client – don’t expect to be reaching for a box dye to fit every brown-haired person as an HD brow practitioner.

The brows are shaped to frame the face perfectly to enhance the client’s other features, using a combination of high definition hair removal techniques including threading, waxing, tweezing and trimming. Whether you want to tame bushy brows or regrow over plucked eyebrows, the combination of these techniques will help create the perfect shape.

The Next Big Trend

HD Brows differs from microblading as the latter costs much more, and as it is a semi-permanent tattoo which lasts between 1-3 years. While many people love the idea of having their eyebrows last this long, people still discovering their eyebrow shape or who aren’t ready to commit to years might be put off microblading. In this case, HD brows can be the preferred choice. HD brows usually last around 4-6 weeks but can vary depending on hair growth, and the practitioner will be able to recommend how often you should return after the first few treatments.

Because they aren’t as semi-permanent as microblading eyebrows, HD brows are rising in popularity across the UK. Whether people want a quick fix or to try out a new style, HD brows fill in the gap between standard tinting and microblading when it comes to price, techniques and permanency. It is a sector of the eyebrow world that your clinic doesn’t want to miss.

Benefits for Your Clinic

As a current trend taking over the UK cosmetic industry, integrating this procedure into your clinic’s list of treatments is vital if you want a boost your income. By advertising your services in both microblading and HD brows, you offer clients a range of choices when it comes to their cosmetic needs and desired outcomes. This makes your clinic more appealing to a broader range of clients who know they will have a wholly tailored experience.

Once your client leaves the clinic, they have physical evidence of your work on their face for their friends, family and even social media to see. This is free advertising and helps bring in more clients through word of mouth. More importantly, as HD brows tend to only last 4-6 weeks, you are practically guaranteed repeat customers if you carry out the procedure well the first time around. This helps create a healthy, stable income for yourself and the clinic as you gain loyal clients.

Don’t waste time. Get your clinic at the forefront of the latest growing trend and take a course in HD Brows! Snatching up clients now is key to gaining a loyal group of customers who return for repeat treatments and boost your revenue. Contact us today to learn more about the course.