Top Makeup Trends For 2018

It seems you can barely go on social media these days without seeing something dubbed the next big makeup trend. Of course, some are short-lived fads and others last a little longer. But one of the great things about makeup is its impermanence.

You can play around with your look, wipe it all off and start again. So, we think it’s worth at least dabbling with the latest trends, even if you decide a particular look isn’t for you.

Refinery29 has helpfully pulled together a list of the top makeup trends to look out for in the coming 12 months – we’ve picked out a few of our favourites.

Gold highlighters are set to become a staple in many makeup bags, with a number of brands launching their own versions of this product in a variety of golden hues.

Meanwhile, upside-down eyeliner has been huge this year, and the website notes that this is likely to continue into 2018. The site points out that it’s “one of the quickest ways to inject colour into look”, adding that it also defines your eyes.

Another way to play with colour is by highlighting the inner corners of your eyes. According to Refinery29, using a bright hue like pink, orange or baby blue works best here, even though you might be tempted to go for something a bit more neutral.

It’s also worth looking back at some of this year’s Fashion Weeks to get some inspiration and find out what’s going to be hot in the coming months. At Paris Fashion Week, for instance, coral lipstick and using blusher in a “whimsical” way were among the top trends to emerge, Vogue suggested.

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