Top 5 Botox Training Benefits

Botox Training in 2018

Face-lifts used to be the first choice for both men and women who were hoping to pause or reverse the hands of time. But in recent years the risk of mistakes, recovery time and the seriousness of the procedures have left people searching for a less invasive alternative that can still produce impressive results. 

Botox has gone from being reserved for A-listers to being commonly used and requested by people from all walks of life. The growing demand for Botox procedures is tempting more people to change their career and train in performing botox procedures. It can give them the chance to become their own boss, and earn more money. Nurses from the NHS can end their long night shifts and find happiness knowing that they can create time for friends and family. This is because the profit per day in the aesthetics industry is much larger than in many professions including nursing. Plus with short treatment times, they can fit more clients into their day. These patients then become returning clients, providing them with a steady flow of reliable income.

Here are the top five benefits of learning how to perform Botox procedures and reasons that you should think about changing your life by studying.

Ability to Be Your Own Boss

One of the biggest benefits of Botox training for nurses is becoming your own boss. You can decide to be a mobile practitioner or have a private clinic. Being your own boss means you can choose your own hours and who you work with. In the NHS you may have been told when and where you worked. You sacrificed your nights, evenings and weekends to your job only find yourself tired and unhappy.

Calm young woman is getting botox treatment. Beauty therapist has recently be on a Botox training course in Cheshire

Beauty therapists are also ideally positioned to provide these services for their clients. For example, if you hold a level 3 beauty qualification general route you can take one of Advanced Aesthetics botulinum and dermal filler courses or go through our bridging into aesthetics route.

However, as an aesthetic practitioner, everything is up to you. If you don’t want to work Mondays you don’t have to. And if you can’t work in a certain area of your town or city you avoid promotion there. In nursing you have to work with a variety of people who can be drunk or on drugs, saying verbal abuse or even try to be physical. But, with aesthetic work, you can choose who you work with on a daily basis

Botox training can be lucrative.

Being able to perform Botox procedures can be very profitable as part of an existing business or as an additional income stream. You will find that customers are prepared to pay between £300 to £500 for a single Botox treatment. After taking into account the cost of the Botulinum toxin, your bottom-line profits will be around £100 minimum per session. You’ll have no problem charging the higher end of this figure if you have an established practice that offers other treatments, as customers will be willing to pay a higher amount to ensure the botox is done correctly.

It’s also a relatively quick procedure, usually taking no more than 10 minutes. Add on the prep time and consultation, and it extends to around half an hour. The treatment time is fairly quick compared to cosmetic surgery and other clinic treatments. This means you can fit more people into your day, meaning you can make more money.

Freedom to Make a Difference to Lives

Nurses who train in Botox often find it incredibly rewarding. You get to follow your patient’s journey and see the impact Botox has had on their life. Whereas, as a nurse, you may see hundreds of patients in a day and never see where or how they end up after treatment.

Botox training gives you the freedom to make a difference to the lives of your clients. 98% of girls feel pressure to look a certain way due to external sources. This pressure can have negative effects on their mental health. Therefore, people turn to non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help enhance their features. There is nothing wrong with receiving Botox if it makes your clients feel better about themselves. We wear clothes to enhance our body shapes and makeup to change our features. Botox is just another way to help us feel more relaxed and happy with how we look and feel. So, make sure you remind your clients of this so that they are more likely to return to you for top-ups, unashamed of their decision. In your own clinic, top up treatments allow you to see your patient’s confidence and happiness grow and develop.

Ongoing Treatments for Patients

Botox isn’t a permanent treatment like cosmetic surgery. Patients need to return after a few months for a top-up. This time period is often between three to six months. While this can be annoying and money consuming for clients, it is good news for you. It helps provide you with a steady income flow as customers automatically become returning clients. Carrying out quality treatment with effective results will persuade clients to return for these top-ups. As they see the amazing results start to disappear, they will want it back again.

Returning patients also provide the opportunity for friendly relationships to develop. A relationship means when you introduce new treatments at your clinic they are more likely to try them as they trust you. It also improves the chances of patients referring you to friends and family.

Short Training Period

Like other aesthetic treatments, it doesn’t take long to qualify in Botox. Training courses often only take a couple of days with a hands-on training experience. As well as this, there can be coursework to be done in your own clinic before you are qualified. You can practice the different methods of Botox, for different types of lines and wrinkles. Quality training makes you more experienced and knowledgeable, meaning clients are more likely to come to you. Botox training courses for nurses can seem quicker and easier as well due to their background in medicine.

The potential profits of introducing Botox in your clinic are enormous. It is by far one of the most popular forms of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The demand for invasive plastic surgery has fallen by 40% in the last few years, as people are afraid of the long-lasting effects if something goes wrong. Whereas, Botox can be amended if applied incorrectly and is less dangerous than surgery. The profits of Botox outweigh the time and cost it takes to complete the course.

Botox training for nurses can be the career change that makes their lives happier. Earning more for their work, they can also see the mental health developments in their clients. With the right, quality training, you can find yourself with returning clients in no time. If you want to take part in a Botox training course, then contact us today.

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