Our Top Tips for Starting Your Own Aesthetics Business

Start Your Own Aesthetics Business

Are you toying with the idea of starting your own aesthetics business? You may be worrying if you will be able to make it a success. Well, the aesthetics industry is huge and more people are turning to non-surgical options to help them look younger than ever before. Once you have taken an aesthetics course, there has never been a better time to start a business providing these sort after techniques. But like many other jobs, you need qualifications and confidence before you can start your own practice. While the courses often don’t take long, your new skills need to be mastered before you put yourself in front of paying clients. As you will be performing treatments that have long-term results, there is no space for mistakes or self-doubt.

Even after you have learnt the skills, there are other necessary steps to setting up a business. Picking a brand name, registering your business, finding a location, and many other steps. At first, it can seem overwhelming, but if you are passionate, it can be done. You also need to fully understand the health and safety surrounding this practice as well as any legal requirements. But most importantly, you need to know how to promote this type of business. Check out our tips on how to start your own successful aesthetic business and keep it active.

Aesthetics courses to help you start your own aesthetics business in the UK

Get your Qualifications

The first thing you need to do before you start your business is to get the necessary qualifications. You need to be confident that you know the right ways to perform the procedures. If you cut corners, you could end up with a bad reputation, no clients, and even lawsuits. You should research which treatments are popular in your area and which will continue to grow more popular. Currently, Botox accounts for the majority of non-surgical cosmetic procedures at 48.2% in America. Although the UK aesthetics industry has no statistics as of yet, it is thought to be similar. Taking a botox or dermal fillers course can be the first step you need to create your own business.

If you want to grow your business quicker, you could take a combination course and offer a variety of treatments. Combination courses can teach you multiple skills at once, saving you time and money. It is the perfect way for people who want to set up their own business as they can offer multiple treatments from the very beginning and build a broader client base.

Prepare Your Business

You don’t need to have a business background to set up your own aesthetics practice. All you need to know is the necessary steps to set up your business safely and legally. You need to register as self-employed or as a limited company with the government. Then you need to make sure that you have good cosmetic insurance for business protection. Finding a good accountant can be very helpful too.

Once the legal side of the business is covered, you need to plan for the practical. Build relationships with suppliers and stock up on equipment and supplies, so that you are ready for when you open. You don’t want your business to have to halt or close temporarily while you wait on the stock. Also, plan for problems. What if one month isn’t as busy as another? Or one treatment turns out to not be as popular as the rest? Plan ways that you can keep control of your finances, so you never find yourself short of money. Putting time into being organised and safe is the only way to ensure your business is productive and profitable.

Publicise and Promote Yourself

Once you’ve decided whether you will be a mobile or clinic business, you need to learn the effective ways to promote this. Your aesthetics business, mobile or not, should have a website. This establishes your business as credible and trustworthy to potential clients. It is a platform for them to research you and see your credentials and qualifications. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, potential clients will do their homework and need to be able to see that you are professional otherwise they will struggle to put their faith in you.

If you are a mobile business, think about the power of business cards. Leaving clients with a business card means that when people visit them, they might see it. It can also be a great way for them to keep you in mind as they have your details in front of them. This, combined with a great review from the client, can make them likely to come to you for future treatments. Referral schemes can also work well. Offer them a discount if one of their friends wants a treatment.

If you are setting up your own clinic, shows and events are a great way to boost brand awareness. Setting up a stand and talking to those interested in your business can increase your credibility. You can also meet different companies that can help stock your business, potentially helping you to save money.

Regardless of whether you have a clinic or a mobile service, social media can be a great marketing channel. Posting special offers and deals to entice people in can work very well on sites like Facebook as they can easily be shared by your clients and friends. Also, encourage your clients to leave reviews on your Facebook page. Instagram can be a great way to showcase your past procedures. Nothing beats before and after photos when trying to build trust with potential clients. However, remember to get consent from your client before posting.

Build a Reputation

If you want people to trust your aesthetics business, you need to build a solid reputation. As you are practising non-surgical cosmetic treatments and any mistakes could affect your clients long-term, being trustworthy and reliable is essential. One way to do this is to build healthy relationships with your clients. Pull out all the stops to make the treatment as pleasant as possible. Also, make sure you are on-hand after procedures so that they can rest assured that you will always be there for them if they have any issues or questions. This means they will keep coming back every three to four months for top-up treatments. They may even bring or recommend their friends.

Word-of-mouth is also a reliable way to establish a successful practice. The quality of your training and treatments will show through in the number of referrals you get. Let people know the level of aesthetic training you have gone through as this will reassure them that you are professional and safe. Be sure to ask clients for reviews and recommendations.

Always Learn New Skills

If you start your aesthetics business with just one treatment make sure you don’t stop learning new techniques. You want to be constantly learning new cosmetic procedures to help upsell your services and gain new clients. Aesthetic training courses are always developing and advancing, and there are always new non-surgical courses that you can take, to either learn new skills or improve the ones you have.

If you only offer the same treatment continually, you will eventually run out of new clients. Clients will be returning for top-ups, but if you don’t have anything new to offer people, you can find yourself struggling to grow. If you introduce a new treatment every now and then you can see an increase in clients. New clients will be drawn to you, turning into loyal customers and you can gain more reliable income. The better the quality of your work the more likely it will be that current customers will be interested in new treatments.

Setting up your own aesthetics business isn’t easy. You need to have the right qualifications before you can even get started. Then you have to go through the health and safety, legal and promotion aspects. If you need any help with aesthetic training for your future business, then contact us today.

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