Soapbrows – The Latest Blogger Beauty Trend

Those of you who spend a lot of time reading beauty blogs will have probably heard of ‘soapbrows’ before. For the uninitiated, this new trend that’s currently doing the rounds on sites like Instagram (search for the hashtag #soapbrows) simply involves using a bar of clear soap and a spoolie brush to help you get the eyebrows of your dreams.

It couldn’t be easier to do either – simply brush your spoolie over the surface of your soap and then flick it across your brows in an upward movement. Then get your usual eyebrow pencil or liner to give your brows a bit of definition. Job done!

The idea is that the bits of soap will make your natural eyebrows seem fuller… and if you choose a scented bar of soap you’ll also smell divine to boot. What we love about this particular trend is just how easy it is to achieve the right kind of effect. Even if you’re new to the makeup world, you can get this right first time.

Of course, if you’d rather not have a soapy face (what happens if you get caught in the rain, that’s what we’d like to know… will you have a face full of suds?), you can always opt for microblading instead. The effects of this are much longer lasting so you’ll have perfect brows for as long as you like if you go back for touch-ups from time to time.

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