Serena Williams Shows Off Beautifully Microbladed Brows

Tennis pro Serena Williams has been sporting some foxy, fuller eyebrows of late, revealed to be the result of expert microblading by a Hollywood specialist.

Piret Aava, the microblading artist to thank for the sportswoman’s beautiful brows, explained that microbladed brows can be a real investment, lasting between one and three years. Microblading creates symmetrical brows without the use of a pencil, shaving time off makeup routines, US Weekly reports.

While there are different microblading styles and certain techniques that can be learned through microblading training, it’s up to each artist to make the skill their own, Aava is quoted as saying.

Different people have different brows, so it’s important to follow the brow’s hair growth direction and ensure the result looks natural.

The brow guru goes on to say that with microblading, there’s no need to worry about brow pencil slipping off at the gym or during swimming.

Aava also microblades for actresses Malin Akerman and Jana Kramer, who “love the fact that it looks so natural and their brows aren’t screaming out of their faces”.

When working with celebrities who appear on TV a lot it’s important to take a less is more approach to ensure clients’ brows aren’t overdone, she added.

Microblading has emerged as a popular celebrity treatment in recent years; stars including Bella Thorne and Lena Dunham have heaped praise on the cosmetic tattooing technique.

Meanwhile, a new feathering technique is also gaining momentum – Mandy Moore and Lorde are among the celebrities who have had their already full brows tweaked slightly for a more perfect appearance.