Preparing Your Salon for Summer

Summertime is on the horizon, and if you want to have a successful season in the cosmetics industry then you need to keep your business and your treatments up-to-date. With holidays and weddings dominating the summertime, people want to look their best. Skin regenerative treatments and non-invasive procedures like Plasma Lift, Botox and microblading enhance our natural beauty without creating an overly ‘plastic’ look. They are perfect for this time of year and can help boost both your client base and your income – just in time for summer!

Read on to learn more tips about how to update your salon for summertime to ensure you gain clients and keep current customers coming back for more.

Update Your Website

Firstly, you should keep your website updated with upcoming holidays and seasons with relevant imagery and colour pallets as well as information surrounding current offers. If your site remains outdated, with old Winter offers or Spring deals, then potential clients may be confused about whether you are still active or even come to you expecting a treatment to cost less than what it actually is having seen an expired offer. Having Summer detailed imagery and colours also draw the customers eye and help create a connotation between your treatments and Summer – advertising your salon is a season must-have!

If you fail to change your website for summer, you may also appear unprofessional to potential clients, and they may not see you as a credible company. Because the cosmetics and aesthetics industry can come with some risks when treatments aren’t performed correctly, you want to be transparent and trustworthy or you may risk pushing potential customers away.

Keep Social Media Channels Fresh

As well as updating your website, you need to make sure that your social media channels are following the summer theme too! A social media channel is a great way to keep customers, current and potential, updated with news on when to get treatments and what offers your clinic has. You can also show off before and afters, videos of treatments in process and happy client reviews to entice more people in!

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to connecting with clients. As you promote more treatments as we enter summer, you may only come into contact with your customers at their follow up appointments. By having social media channels, across all platforms like Facebook and Twitter, with consistent imagery and logo, you reach your clients and communicate necessary information right away. Booking more clients in during summer becomes much easier when you have a way to contact and inform them without appearing pushy in the consultation room.

Promote the Right Treatments at the Right Time

Something essential that needs to be considered when preparing your salon for summer is promoting the right treatments at the right time. Some procedures might have a more extended downtime regarding UV exposure, and therefore you need to start advertising them as early as possible otherwise clients won’t be able to enjoy their new treatments in the sun. If you only make potential customers aware of amazing procedures at the start of summer, they might be less inclined to purchase it because they have to avoid UV exposure for a certain number of weeks or wear strong SPF sunscreen. However, by making them aware of this early in spring and giving their skin the time to heal before their holidays, they are more likely to take this treatment.

Furthermore, some treatments might have such an extensive downtime regarding sun exposure that it seems pointless to promote them in the run-up to and during summer. Go through your clinic’s list of treatments meticulously and pick out the ones with the least amount of downtime that is still appealing to potential customers. Microblading, for example, can help shape and enhance the brows with minimal downtime and excellent results. Focus your marketing on treatments more likely to sell during this time of year.

Summertime is for fun, holidays, barbeque parties and weddings. Everyone wants to look their best, whether they are in their neighbours garden or strolling down a beach. As a practitioner, it is amazing that you can provide these aesthetic treatments to your clients to help boost their confidence and get them feeling empowered and sassy for summer. You need to place care and attention into your salon and marketing if you want to attract customers and maintain a steady flow of income. Take note of the tips above and if you are interested in taking any courses in the run up to summer, contact us today for more information.