Perks of Being Your Own Boss

Not everyone is cut out to have a boss, or maybe you have plans of your own that involve taking charge? Either way, there are many benefits to becoming self-employed and being your own boss. With no one to dictate hours and holidays, you can work when you want and take time off when you need it. Your hours are flexible as you create your own rota, making it easier to maintain a happy home life despite a work schedule.

If you are considering taking your working life into your own hands, choosing your hours and following your passions then read on. Here, we share with you the best reasons to become self-employed and start your aesthetics clinic.

Increased Flexibility

Sometimes working under a rota dictated by someone else can be stressful. Family illnesses, last minute trips and school events can leave you searching for a way to bend your hours and have a long weekend or a later start. Of course, this usually isn’t possible without risking your holiday days or by preparing things in advance. But we don’t always have time for this. So what is the solution? Setting your own hours as a self-employed aesthetic practitioner. As your own boss, you can create a weekly schedule based around when you want to work.

Many aesthetic practitioners are nurses that are looking for a way to utilize their skills and get away from the long, hard hours. Jobs like nursing can result in very little family or personal time as you get up early in the morning and come home late at night, tired and ready for bed. With the stress of putting children to sleep or making enough time for loved ones, this can be too much to bear. By moving into the aesthetics field, you can learn new skills and start your own business, choosing what hours you want to work and when.

Better Wages

When you are self-employed, you are your boss and therefore can have more control over how much money you take home at the end of the month. Maybe you have always worked on minimum wage, or had a job which paid too little to cover the costs of looking after your family. Either way, aesthetic treatments can cost hundreds of pounds for a client, meaning at the end of the day you can be taking home a lot of money. Also, many treatments need repeat sessions if the client wants the results to remain so you can gain repeat customers, creating a steady flow of regular income.

It is up to you as a business owner how much money you take as a wage and how much you reinvest into the business for equipment, courses and other practitioners wages. You do need to remember at the start you won’t be taking home as much money as you hoped as you need to purchase everything to properly perform the treatments as well as take enough courses to appear as credible and offer multiple options. However, once you start treating more and more clients, you will see the vast difference between your old wage and the money you make self-employed.

Able to Follow Passions

Being your boss allows you to escape a dead-end job that makes you feel no happiness, and instead explore the area of aesthetics that inspires you. Aesthetic procedures can be a passion for anyone interested in skin treatments, makeup or even nursing. Rejuvenating treatments allow you to help transform a person’s confidence by altering or enhancing their appearance. It is much more rewarding work seeing your clients feel happier in their skin than working a desk job or endless hours on your feet as a nurse where you rarely see the results for the thousands of patients you look after.

Whether you admire the cosmetic side of aesthetics or the ways the treatments can improve skin conditions, entering this field of work allows you to pick and choose what treatments you like to do and what clients you want to work with.

People aren’t as ashamed or afraid of aesthetic treatments as they used to be. They can be used to enhance features and rejuvenate the skin, making clients feel more happy and confident in their bodies. If you want to learn more about the courses we offer to help kickstart your business, then contact us today.