All You Need To Know About Ombre Brows

You can’t escape the microblading trend these days and big, thick statement eyebrows are really where it’s at for the foreseeable future (a welcome change from the skinny brows so popular back in the 90s, perhaps). But there’s a new trend for eyebrow maintenance that’s just come to the fore and that’s the ombre brow.

Ombre hairstyles have long been popular and now the look has moved to the humble eyebrow, with darker colours applied to the arch of the brow and lighter ones towards the end of it as it tapers off. It couldn’t be easier to have done either (although we wouldn’t advise trying to do it yourself) – simply book an appointment and before you know it, your eyebrows will have a new lease of life.

A template is typically used to mark out where the new brows will go. Your clinician will work to make sure that your brows are given the perfect shape that will help to flatter your face and really make your eyes pop. It can be hard to achieve perfect brows when you’re tweezing and plucking at home, and all too often eyebrows get too thin because of over-plucking… but microblading takes this stress and hassle away.

Once you’ve had microblading and the treatment has healed, you’ll also find that it’s a lot easier to maintain your perfect brows. All you have to do is pluck out the random hairs that appear from time to time. And in terms of helping you go about your day easily, there’s no need to pluck, tint or colour your brows yourself each morning – so you can get going and on your way in far less time than you usually would.