Top Beauty Trends To Try This Spring

The weather is finally starting to feel a little warmer, which means spring is well on the way – and then it’s not long until summer.

That also means it’s time to start thinking about your style for the coming warmer months, and Allure has picked out some of the top beauty trends to try this spring. It’s been checking out Pinterest to see what’s tipped to be popular in the world of beauty.

Mauve makeup is one of the top trends highlighted by the website. That means getting to grips with mauve eye shadow for a warming smoky eyed look, as well as using mauve lipstick to enhance your lips regardless of your skin tone.

Mauve nail varnish is another tip to stay on-trend this spring and can be a nice way to subtly introduce the colour to your ensemble.

For something a bit bolder, blue lipstick is another top trend. However, it can be difficult to get this particular shade spot on. Makeup artist Nick Barose told Allure that the key to making blue lips look stunning rather than garish is “layering different pigments on top of your lipstick to give the final colour some depth and richness”.

With everyone no doubt wanting to flash a bit of skin once the weather warms up, it appears that tinted moisturiser is back on the agenda. Pinterest is predicting that more people will start using this product rather than layering on foundation.

If you really want to go all out to turn heads, you could experiment with neon makeup. Cosmopolitan recently highlighted this particular beauty trend, revealing that specialist neon makeup products aren’t necessary if you’ve got some clever skills up your sleeve.

Everyone wants the perfect eyebrows to go with their glamorous makeup, and completing microblading training will allow you deliver just that.