British Model Shares Beauty Tips

Leomie Anderson, a British model with Victoria’s Secret, has shared some of her top beauty tips in a video produced for H&M.

Hello Magazine highlighted some of the key pieces of advice she provides, covering everything from skincare routines to how to get the perfect eyebrows.

She begins her video by applying moisturiser to her face, followed by a primer that forms the base of her makeup for the day.

Throughout the video, Ms Anderson continues explains what products she’s using and why, such as the concealer she uses under her eyes to hide bags, and eyeliner pencil to help make her eyelashes look thicker.

She also confides that she believes mascara is one of the most important elements of a morning beauty routine.

When it comes to her eyebrows, Ms Anderson brushes them up to give them some shape. “I like to mix a little bit of the light brown and dark brown, fill in any gaps that you see in your eyebrows,” she adds.

And she finally applies some cream blusher to her cheeks to give them a rosy appearance. The video is just two minutes long, showing how quick your morning beauty routine could be.

If you’re not confident when it comes to getting the perfect eyebrows, find someone who has done microblading training to help you shape your brows properly.

As well as mastering the morning beauty routine set out by Ms Anderson, you might also want to try to master a couple of the beauty skills listed in Self’s article about the top skills to get to grips with this year.

They include adopting the sandbag technique for your eye and lip makeup, applying fake eyelashes and mastering colour correcting.