Microblading Named A Hot Beauty Trend

Microblading has been named as one of the hot beauty trends for this month by the Guardian, so if you’re thinking of undertaking microblading training in Manchester, now is the time to do it.

The newspaper stated: “Most eyebrow tattoos resemble Sharpie drawings. This Lena Dunham-endorsed semi-permanent eyebrow technique doesn’t.”

Last month the actress wrote about her experiences of microblading in Vogue, and explained why she decided to give the beauty procedure a try. She revealed that she’d never felt happy with her eyebrows until she looked in the mirror after her first treatment.

If you’ve somehow managed to miss this growing beauty trend and are wondering what all the fuss is about, let us explain.

Microblading is a way to help people get fuller and thicker-looking eyebrows. It’s ideal for anyone who’s over-plucked their brows in their younger years, as well as anyone who suffers from hair loss or who has undergone chemotherapy.

In essence, it’s a type of advanced tattooing, which uses pigment to fill in the eyebrows. It’s semi-permanent, so anyone who wants to keep their new brows will have to book in for regular touch-ups.

As Lena Dunham’s endorsement suggests, when it’s done well it truly can transform your look and make you feel much happier about your eyebrows.

But microblading wasn’t the only hot beauty trend identified by the Guardian. The newspaper also highlighted the use of lip crayons, as these give a longer-lasting colour than other alternatives, and the popularity of baked makeup. According to the experts, baked makeup is kinder to skin, contains fewer chemicals and has better pigments.