Kate Upton Once Bullied For ‘Bushy Eyebrows’

Date Posted: 08/09/2016 | Posted In: News

The bullies who mocked model Kate Upton for having bushy eyebrows are bound to feel silly now that the 24-year-old is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Speaking to Glamour magazine, the blonde bombshell said she was often teased for her look when she was younger, even though she is one of the most desirable ladies these days.

“Kids can be cruel, and they used to make fun of me for having long legs and bushy eyebrows,” she told the publication, before adding her mum would tell her that’s what models look like.

“I decided [then] I wanted to be a model,” Upton, who features on the cover of this month’s magazine, stated.

The curvy model is no stranger to body criticisms as an adult as well, revealing that she is often told to lose weight, particularly by those in the industry.

When asked how often she is told to drop a dress size, she said: “All. The. Time”.

Now confident in her size, and having secured some of the top modelling gigs in the world, including being a coveted Vogue and Sports Illustrated model, Upton has accepted her figure, saying: “This is just the shape of my body”.

What’s more, the beauty’s eyebrows are the envy of millions of women all around the world these days as thicker, fuller brows are back in fashion.

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