Carved Brows: The Latest Trend To Make Your Eyebrows Stand Out

If you’ve been on microblading courses in Cheshire and have seen many happy customers leaving with their perfect brows, you’re probably also aware of some of the more weird and wonderful eyebrow trends that have been flying around on Instagram this year.

The next one to steal the spotlight is carved brows, and we think that you can have some fun with this if your makeup skills meet the cut.

Brow carving was introduced by Texas-based makeup artist Alexa Link and rather than making any alterations to the eyebrows themselves, it’s all about highlighting and enhancing the shape by applying eyeshadow to create precision lines along the arches.

The key to this striking look is to have sharp lines around the ends of the brow, accentuating their shape.

Since being showcased by Allure, and shared across social media, a host of people have been playing around with carved brows, introducing all manner of colours to their designs, as well as glitter and other embellishments.

We’re not sure that this is the kind of look you’d want for everyday life, but it certainly will make you stand out if you’re hoping to turn heads at an event or a party.

If you’re not happy with the shape and thickness of your brows – and would therefore feel uncomfortable by drawing greater attention to them – you might want to consider having microblading to bring them back to their best.

The Guardian named microblading as one of the top beauty trends of April, noting that it leaves you with natural and striking brows.