Microblading Aftercare: Top Tips

Those of you taking microblading courses will be taught not only how to do the procedure correctly, hygienically and safely but also how to advise your patients and answer any questions they might have. They’re sure to ask you about how to take care of their brows after the treatment has been carried out so make sure you have all the answers at your fingertips.

Advise people that once the procedure has been completed, their eyebrows will look darker than their actual colour as the skin will need time to recover. This pigmentation will be lost over time. It’s important that people avoid wetting their brows for the first seven days after a microblading session, as well. If they need to wash this area, use a cotton pad dampened with boiled water (that’s been left to cool).

Exercise should be avoided in the first week as sweat could have an effect on the healing process and damage the work that has been done.

It’s perfectly normal for small scabs to appear, and for the eyebrows to feel itchy, in the first week so make sure you tell people this after you’ve finished working on their brows. Remind them not to pick or scratch as this could result in an uneven finish once the brow area has healed. Patients of yours who have a fringe should be advised to pin it away from their face for the first week at least.

The majority of clients will need a follow-up appointment between four and six weeks after their first session to make sure that their brows are even and have healed correctly.

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