Are More Men Becoming Make-Up Addicts?

Make-up is traditionally worn by women, with most ladies using contouring techniques, foundation, blusher, eye liner and mascara to enhance their facial features and look their best.

However, more and more men could be opting for beauty courses in Cheshire, as there is a growing popularity among guys to use make-up on a daily basis too.

Channel 4’s new programme Extreme Makeovers: On Fleek looks at make-up addicts who can’t leave the house without being fully done up.

One ‘addict’ featured on the show is Austen, 21, from Carnoustie in Scotland. The care home worker doesn’t have a career that requires him to be glamorous, but this doesn’t stop him from making sure he has a full face of make-up to turn up to work.

His routine would make many women feel dowdy, as he always applies several layers of foundation, bronzer and highlighter, whitens his teeth twice a day, and has regular tanning injections.

Speaking with the Mail Online, he said: “Make up is very important to me, I never go without it. Not even to the bin.”

The show also features other guys who are opting for the metro-sexual look, and adopting contouring, tanning, and teeth whitening as part of their beauty regimes.

To stay up to date with the latest looks, they could try some of the season’s hottest new make-up trends. These include applying two shades of lipstick for a dual-tone appearance, using gloss on eyelids without any other make-up for a ‘naked eye’ look, and transforming your locks into bleach blonde waves.