Make-up Tips Every Woman Should Know

Most women assume that by wearing make-up they will instantly look better. However, according to an expert, it is not just what you wear on your face but how you wear it that holds the key to a flawless appearance.

Make-up artist to the stars Bonnie Gillies told the Daily Mail’s Femail that a good look all starts with the right base.

“Using a skin primer that smoothes and perfects the skin texture is a great start.” she stated.

Primers have grown in popularity over the last few years as they fill in fine lines and open pores, making the face appear flawless even before foundation is put on.

And when it comes to foundation, Ms Gillies said less is more, as a ‘cakey’ appearance can “exacerbate the look of fine lines”.

“My best tips for a perfect base is to find a dewy finish foundation that matches perfectly to your skin tone,” the make-up artist advised, otherwise it will look too heavy and unnatural on the face.

According to Ms Gillies, wearing blusher is a necessity for those who put foundation on, as it “gives the face warmth and shape”.

However, she advised not to do big circles on cheeks as this is actually ageing. Instead, the Australian expert suggested putting a sweep along the cheekbones.

For those of us who suffer from dark circles around the eyes, concealer with a hint of highlight is a good idea. Even ladies who do not like to wear lots of make-up should keep a concealer close by, as they help “make the eyes look fresh and wide awake”.

Of course, concealers are great at covering blemishes as well, including spots. However, if your zit is particularly bad, it is worth trying to get rid of it first.

Dermatologist Dr Anita Sturnham recently told Stylist using an anti-inflammatory agent on the spot, such as bentonite clay or zinc, or rubbing ice on it can help reduce redness.

For a flawless appearance though, it is worth considering regular beauty treatments such as a PRP (platelet rich plasma) facial, which can help you look your best even without make-up.