Best Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments

Once you have taken the best make up courses Cheshire has to offer then you should make sure you are able to offer these services to your brides to be.


Eye lash dyeing

This is a wonderful option if the wedding is going to be an emotional one. Eye lash dying is a quick procedure, best carried out by a professional as it involves the application of the hair dye near the eye.

This is perfect for hot days (or when you are going to cry) as there is no risk of it melting off. Each dye should last 4-6 weeks, meaning you don’t have to use mascara at any point in that time.



If your bride-to-be overplucked her eyebrows in the 90s she may be regretting it now that big brows are back in. One option for people who want to rock the strong browed look is to get microblading.

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of eyebrow tattoo which is applied by hand. It gives the illusion of fuller brows and lasts about 6 months before users will need touch ups. The first appointment can take up to two hours.



Many brides-to-be will really enjoy the opportunity to get out off all of the hectic planning for an hour or two and a facial is a great way to do it. If you are doing  her make up advise her on the best kind of facial for her. Would it be best if she got an exfoliating or moisturising facial for example?

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