Laser – Perfect For Nipple Hair Removal

Body hair can be a touchy subject for some and many people are keen to get rid of all of it, from their legs right up to their armpits. What you might start seeing increasingly as you work through your Cheshire laser course is a growing number of people – men and women – asking for help to remove their nipple hair.

For women, hormonal changes can mean that more dark hair starts to grow around the nipple area, becoming more apparent at times like puberty, the menopause or when going through pregnancy. While there’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed about if hair does start to grow around the nipples, many believe it to be unsightly and are keen to get rid of it… so as a beautician, it’s important that you know how to advise people if they do come to you with this particular issue.

You could suggest that they start plucking the hairs if they are concerned about them, but make sure you tell them they can have laser if they’re really worried about the appearance of their nipples.

The main benefit of laser hair removal is that it’s one of the least painful methods of getting rid of unwanted hair. Plucking – particularly on a sensitive area such as this – can hurt and shaving wouldn’t be recommended on this part of the body, while electrolysis is renowned for being a painful process.

If you do have a client who comes in really concerned about their hairy nipples, it might be wise to suggest laser as a course of action for them.