How to Promote Your Microblading Treatments

Microblading is one of the most popular treatments in the cosmetic industry. As a semi-permanent alternative to standard makeup, it provides clients with perfect eyebrows that don’t require any more fluffing, drawing or shading. There are many reasons why a person might want microblading, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to promote your services. Clients dreaming of this treatment will be easy to sway, but you need to be able to target a wide variety of potential customers and demographics if you want a steady flow of income and credibility as a successful professional.

Read on to learn how you can effectively promote your microblading treatments to all manner of clients, using your website, social media and blogs to help inform and persuade.

Before and After Pictures

Before and after photos are great for showing potential clients the fantastic results of your microblading treatments. Because microblading is such a transformative yet natural looking treatment, it can be hard to spot a good pair of microbladed eyebrows on the street. Walking past, they appear like a pair of finely groomed and perfected brows and not like a semi-permanent tattoo at all. So how are people meant to notice the good work?

Asking your clients if you can take a picture before and after the treatment is a great idea as it allows you to showcase the often massive difference between the start and end product. You can use these photos on your website and social media channels to promote the treatment and show potential customers the benefits of microblading, as well as reassure them of your credibility and skills.

Encourage Reviews

You can also use your current clients to help promote your microblading treatments by encouraging them to leave reviews. You could have a section on your website for reviews or merely ask them to leave a post on your Facebook page or tag you in any posts on Instagram and Twitter. Either way, having the client publicly acknowledge your work and their satisfaction is the number one way to ensure that potential clients trust your validity and skills as a practitioner, making them more likely to choose you over someone not recommended by their friends or family.

Moreover, if clients don’t have access to social media, you can ask them to leave feedback after their treatment or next time they are in the clinic and add this to your website yourself, in a dedicated section for customer comments. This will help boost your credibility and make you appear like the experienced and skilled practitioner you are.

Blog About Microblading

Blogging is a huge aspect of the internet, with millions of people writing about various topics daily to share with people all over the world. Businesses can use blogging to bring more awareness to their company as well as show off their knowledge and help potential clients understand them and their services more.

You can use blogging to inform your potential customers and those interested in semi-permanent makeup about the benefits of microblading. People merely searching because they have heard about the treatment will have access to both the information they desire and a company who can perform the procedure. It’s an easy way to market your company and promote your microblading services.

Educate Your Social Media Following

If you want to promote your microblading treatment effectively, then you need to make sure your following is informed about what microblading can be used for. Not everyone who has microblading treatment is there because they want to rid themselves of the daily makeup routine or add more shape to their brows; and although these reasons can be used as useful marketing tools, you also need to bring awareness to the other motivators for microblading clients.

People who have had chemotherapy or have alopecia may have suffered hair loss, including the hairs of the eyebrows. This can leave them feeling self-conscious and cause them to try to replicate their brows as best as they can with makeup. However, semi-permanent microbladed brows can help create the perfect brow which looks natural and doesn’t smudge or wash away. By educating your following online about this benefit, you can reach people who never thought microblading was an option to help them.

Microblading is one of the most desired treatments in the UK due to its semi-permanent nature and outstanding results. Advanced Aesthetics Training can make sure you have the most desired treatments in your clinic with expert training and courses to help you become one of the best practitioners. If you want to learn more about Advanced Aesthetics Training and our microblading courses, contact us today.