3 Smart Ways to Get More Microblading Clients

3 Smart Ways to Get More Microblading Clients

The world of semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) is on the rise. In the past few years, we have seen people deter from permanent, surgical treatments and instead look towards procedures which are long-lasting but not there forever. Sometimes, there are many scary risks with permanent surgery, and the idea of results that we hate can deter us from the procedures. But, with SPMU, there are fewer risks, and if you start to dislike treatment results, they aren’t permanent, and you can try out other procedures later.

This is why microblading is popular because it gives the client various ways to alter and enhance their brows to suit current trends. Then, as trends change over the years, they can have their microblading redone with different techniques. So how can we show more people the amazing benefits of microblading and get them hooked on this fantastic SPMU treatment? Read on for our top 3 smart ways to get more microblading clients for your aesthetics business.

Use Its Popularity With Celebrities

Many celebrities have their eyebrows microbladed to enhance their shape and colour and make them as perfectly arched as possible. When you are always in the spotlight as an actress, singer or influencer, you might feel pressure to be the best version of yourself. Microblading is only a small semi-permanent procedure, but it can help transform the face. Actress, Bella Thorne was very open about her microblading experience back in 2016 when she shared it on her social media, helping promote the treatment. Even Lena Dunham, Girls actress credited microblading as saving her eyebrows which were once pale and thin but were transformed by the tattooing procedure.

You can utilize the popularity of this treatment with celebrities in your marketing and highlight weekly stars who have been open with using microblading. This will help your followers see that their favourite celebs weren’t born perfect and that they too can have fabulous brows.

Market the Long-Lasting Benefits

Microblading is impressive not only because it creates outstanding results, but also because it is long-lasting. The tattoo can last between one and three years, meaning you can keep up with trends and change your style to suit your preferences. It’s especially perfect for people with hair loss issues like alopecia. Rather than feeling uncomfortable with how they look and putting on makeup every day, sufferers can have an SPMU tattoo for a long time. By marketing this benefit, you can reach a section of potential customers beyond merely makeup lovers who you might not have considered before.

Similarly, targeting busy mums or business people who don’t have the time to apply make up every day can help you get more microblading clients. Create marketing content based around them and their needs and show that microblading is so much more than just a trending beauty treatment.

Take More Microblading Courses to Enhance Your Skills

Microblading isn’t a one fit for all aesthetics treatment. Each client has a procedure that is tailored to their needs and desires. Practitioners have a thorough consultation to decide what colour pigments to use, the arch of the brow and even the style the client is looking for. But, if you don’t take enough courses to learn the various skills, you will be limited in who you can treat.

There are different types of microblading eyebrows like hair stroke brows and ombre brows. Each can come and go in popularity, and personal preference may leave one client leaning towards one over the other. As a practitioner, you want to be qualified in these types of brows so you can treat your clients rather than being unable to give them what they want. You can even reach more clients by taking a course on eyeliner and lips microblading, and show potential customers that SPMU goes further than just the brows.

Take a course in microblading today to kick start your career in SPMU as well as make sure self available to thousands of potential customers. Take on our advice above if you want to gain more clients and increase your profits. Check out our website today for more information on our courses.