Beauty Trend Alert: Yellow Blush

We’re always on the lookout for the hottest beauty trends, whether its dermaplaning, hifu facelifts or the latest and greatest in makeup.

However, there’s a new colour that’s taking the beauty world by storm for blushes, and somewhat unusually, it’s yellow. Blushes in yellow hues are now dominating fashion magazines and catwalks and are now filtering down to the high street.

When you’re shopping for a new to blusher to add to your beauty bag, would you usually head straight for the peachy pink tones or warms taupes and browns to contour your cheekbones? Well for summer 2017, you should be reaching for the yellow. According to Grazia, many of us have natural yellow tones to our skin and using a blush in this colour tone can highlight and define your natural glow.

Yellow blush sounds like a scary choice but if you have a skin tone that suits then this may make life easier, without having to alter your natural skin tone with other makeup to match up with the standard blush colour palettes.

Not only can the yellow improve your look, Grazia Daily spoke to fashion psychologist at The London College of Fashion Dr Carolyn Mair who said “wearing the bright hue can in fact lift ones’ spirits due to its happy-go-lucky associations.” The great thing about yellow blush is that it’s available to buy in various shades meaning it’s an easy process to colour match to your skin – handy if you find a more orange shade may work better for your skin tone!