The Benefits of Cosmetic Courses for Nurses

Cosmetic Courses for Nurses

Life as an NHS Nurse used to be a very rewarding career, but over the recent years, more professionals feel that their hard work isn’t appreciated as much as it should be. With long hours and little pay, a large number of nurses feel worn out, stressed and underpaid whilst working weekends, bank holidays and even Christmas doing one of the hardest jobs in the country. Despite their long hours and late nights, they can still find themselves scraping pennies together to pay the bills. More and more healthcare professionals are looking for ways to either boost their bank balance or help them to move into a more profitable field and undertaking cosmetics courses for Nurses.

Many nurses are taking Cosmetic courses as they already have the required set skills and the aesthetics industry is a rapidly expanding market. Learning the art of skin treatments, botox and other procedures can provide you with the skills you need for a part-time or full-time business. It has a larger hourly rate and can easily create loyal clients that help this business last a lifetime.

Understanding the benefits of this field of work is important before you make any decisions. So, read the following reasons why taking a cosmetic course could help you to be happier, richer and give you a career you love.cosmetic courses for nurses

More Money for You

With a lack of sufficient NHS funding, many nurses are turning to private aesthetic training to boost their income. The government is having to ration funding, something it’s always had to do since it was founded nearly 70 years ago. This means nurses are being made to work long hours for less pay than they deserve.

By studying cosmetic courses for nurses, NHS nurses are able to make a larger profit per hour than they are currently being paid. With Botox treatments costing around £300, they could be making £1,500 a week after completing just 5 treatments. That is potentially £6,000 a month!

Some nurses decide to leave the NHS completely whilst others reduce their hours and work part-time. Either way, by adding cosmetic treatments to their list of skills, they can greatly boost their monthly wage and afford to enjoy life more. With many people wanting to look younger and avoid surgery, cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers and botox can make them sought-after experts in a fast-growth industry.

Greater Independence

Deciding to take a cosmetic course and eventually leave the NHS may seem like a scary step into the unknown but that isn’t the case. The demand for procedures like Botox, Dermaplaning, and other cosmetic treatments have steadily grown over the past years and are still attracting more people than ever. Becoming self-employed or taking a position in a clinic can make a huge difference to your life. You would have more control over your hours. Nurses often feel that they are overworked in the NHS, having to work weekends and night shifts and this can have a negative effect on their health, family and social life.

But, deciding to move from a nursing to providing cosmetic treatments, means you can have more control. Nurses may not be able to make any career or work decisions for themselves in the NHS. They are told what hours to work, where to work and how to do it. But, by joining a clinic or starting your own business, you have power over all of your decisions. You can tell your boss your availability or choose your own hours. If you’d rather not work certain days then you can arrange this and most places are closed for Bank Holidays and Christmas. A flexible lifestyle is what attracts a lot of nurses to this profession. Plus night shifts will also be a thing of the past meaning you can go on dates, spend time with your family and have a normal sleeping schedule for the first time in a while.

More Freedom

As an NHS nurse you often have to take care of people on drugs, or who are drunk, or sometimes even abusive – both physically and verbally. This can make your shifts very hard work and extremely draining. Nurses can spend hours trying to help someone who just wants to fight and shout. This can really affect your happiness as instead of helping people you feel like you are being mistreated.

But, by taking the time to do a cosmetic course and take your career down a different path, you can choose your clients and work with people who appreciate your talent. The best bit is you can still get the same feel-good sensation as you are making a huge difference to people’s happiness and confidence. You also have the freedom to choose how you work. You can decide to work part-time as a cosmetic nurse alongside NHS nursing or work full time. You can choose who you treat, when you are available and where you work. This can make your life more enjoyable and stress-free.

Build a Business for Life

If you decide to leave the NHS and pursue a career in cosmetic treatments, you may decide that you want to start your own business. This can be a great chance for you to increase your earnings whilst also giving you the flexibility and freedom you’ve dreamt of. In order to successfully build a business, you need to have two things – the skills and the drive to succeed. Investing your time to taking a variety of cosmetic courses can give you the ability to offer the treatments that will continually bring customers and a wide range of procedures to attract new clientele. You need to be driven and determined to make a successful clinic. By encouraging your clients to recommend you and keeping your business well marketed, you can help your business to grow. It’s important to remember that your clinic will only be successful if you keep your goals in mind. Remember how hard it was working long shifts for little pay and keep believing in yourself.

Know Your Patients

When taking a cosmetic course designed for nurses, you will learn that the effects of the treatments don’t last forever. Your clients will have to return to you every three to six months if they want the results to remain. This can be a great opportunity for you as every client you gain isn’t just a one-off procedure it’s repeated business. You can build solid relationships with them and maintain a professional rapport. Sessions will become more relaxed and over time long-lasting relationships can develop. This can lead them to refer friends and family to you as they trust you to give them a good service.

Building relationships with your clients mean that when you start providing new treatments, they will be more likely to choose to take them. They will already have faith in you as they have experienced your treatments before. Therefore, they will know that any procedures that you carry out will be of a high standard. The more quality work you carry out, the more likely a person is to recommend you online, or through word of mouth.

Job Satisfaction

Unlike NHS work, most cosmetic procedures are elective. People choose to have them because they want to improve upon an aspect of their body. This means that they will be more appreciative of the high standard of care and work that you have put into their treatment. This leads to a mutual satisfaction as you are happy that they are thankful for your time and work.

Also, you can find yourself feeling better about your work as you can see the positive impact it has had on your clients. When working in the NHS, you may not see the full development of your patients recovery or the improvements to their health. But, as a cosmetic therapist, you are with them throughout the client’s journey – from start to end.

Taking a cosmetic course can be the first step towards a career change that will alter your life. Larger wage, flexible hours and job satisfaction should be all you need to make a choice that will have a positive impact on your life. If you think a cosmetic course if the right choice for you, then contact Advanced Aesthetic Training today.

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