Beauty Focus On: Microfeathering

While doing microblading training in Liverpool or elsewhere, make sure you keep up to date with all the latest health and beauty developments in case your new clients ask you about them.

One of the newest trends to have emerged where eyebrows are concerned is microfeathering, which involves tinting and tweezing to create more natural brows.

Speaking to W Magazine, co-owner of Striiike in Beverley Hills Kristie Streicher is the pioneer behind this emerging beauty treatment, explaining that the look is more natural and resembles natural hair, brow shape and growth pattern. No stencils are used and Ms Streicher has been working for months on test models to perfect this particular technique.

She told the news source: “You should not be able to differentiate between the microfeather strokes and real eyebrow hair, and the strokes should be the appropriate length and orientation to seamlessly compliment your natural hair growth. The colour should also match your eyebrow hair colour, not your head hair colour.”

There are all sorts of other eyebrow trends out there that you might like to familiarise yourself with in case a customer questions you about them. Eyebrow wigs recently hit the headlines (lace stickers made from real hair), while carved brows are also big news right now.

This is actually a great one to suggest to clients who are thinking about doing something with their brows but aren’t quite ready for microblading – all they need to do is use eyeshadow to enhance the shape of natural brows, so they won’t need any specialist makeup skills and they can just do it at home by themselves.