How to Start a Career in Microblading

How to Start a Career in Microblading

The aesthetics industry has always been popular as they offer treatments with fewer risks and permanency as surgery. You can alter and enhance the way you look without fear of something going wrong or having to put up with the outcome forever if you don’t like it. Microblading provides one to three years of a semi-permanent tattoo which can help enhance the way your eyebrows, eyeliner and lips look and are shaped. Using pigment in the skin at a safe depth, a practitioner can turn any unruly brows into something red carpet ready.

Read on to learn more about what microblading is and how you can make a career out of it. By choosing to go down the aesthetics route, you can find a more satisfying job life and be more in control of when you work and who you work with, as well as earn more money.

What is Microblading?

So what is microblading, and how can you make a career out of it? Microblading is a tattooing technique that is a form of semi-permanent make up. Using a small, handheld tool, the practitioner ‘tattoos’ pigment into the skin, but not nearly as deep as a traditional tattoo, hence it being only ‘semi-permanent’. The pigment is placed onto the needle of the tool which is then used on the client’s skin to create the desired effect, whether that is enhancing the eyebrows, lips or even eyeliner.

It is the perfect treatment to start your aesthetics career with as it is trendy amongst those in the beauty community as well as people who seek enhancement due to medical reasons. There is a broad range of potential clients you can target, whereas other treatments might limit you. It is a short and simple treatment in comparison to other procedures, and its popularity helps you promote your services.

Take a Microblading Course

The first thing you need to do to kickstart your career in microblading is to take a course and learn the skills. A course will teach you everything from health and safety, to the actual procedure and after-care as well. We dedicate immense time and effort into creating the best courses so that you feel prepared to start working on clients after you qualify. Microblading eyebrows is the most popular procedure, so a microblading course based around this is best. Then, you can brand out to microblading eyeliner and lips, also popular treatments which can enhance and boost your portfolio and client list. If you follow the advice below, it won’t take long after qualifying for you to set up your business and start making money.

Promote Your Microblading Services

Now that you are a fully qualified microblading practitioner, you need to promote your services to potential clients effectively. An important thing you need to remember before you start marketing or sharing anything is that your branding needs to be professional and consistent. If you don’t have the same or similar colours and images used across your social media platforms, then potential clients may be confused and not recognise you on Instagram, for example, when they already have you on Twitter. By using the same icon image and colours across your marketing, you appear credible and established to future customers who will trust you as a business.

As microblading is semi-permanent, the effects fade away after anywhere between twelve months and three years. If clients want to retain the enhancements microblading adds to their eyebrows or lips, then they will need to have top up appointments. You can promote your services by marketing an offer whereby you give discounted rates for future appointments after the initial microblading treatment. Not only will this entice potential customers, but it will also ensure they come back to you for future treatments as they have a discount to use.

Develop Your Microblading Skills

Once you’ve started treating clients and getting your name out there, you can save up some more money and use it to take more courses to develop your skills. Microblading isn’t a one fit all solution to hair loss or beauty desires. Each session is tailored to individual clients for the ideal shape and pigment used. Also, various techniques can be used to help gain the desired effect for your clients. By taking additional courses like Ombre Brows and Hair Stroke Brows, you open yourself up for more clients who would like one of these rather than what you were offering before. This helps you make each treatment even more personalised as you give the client more choice over how they want the finished eyebrows to look.

By beginning a career in the aesthetics industry, you take control over your working hours and wages, creating a more enjoyable balance between your job and your home life. Microblading is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments and is the perfect start for anyone wanting to create a career. To learn more about the courses we have to offer, visit our website today.