4 Interesting Eyebrow Trends To Try Today

No doubt you’ve been asked a few questions by clients when on your microblading courses in the north-west about eyebrow maintenance and new looks to try… so to help keep your clients happy and well informed, here are just a couple of the latest eyebrow trends they might like to give a go.

Squiggle eyebrows

Straight eyebrows are so passé these days… it’s all about the wave when it comes to framing your peepers. You’ll need some washable glue to get the shape right and then you just colour them in and use concealer to achieve a defined edge. But be aware that it’ll take a bit of practice to get this right!

Tinfoil eyebrows

With party season just a few short weeks away, we expect to see more people using tinfoil to bring life to their brows. It doesn’t have to be tinfoil – anything shiny and silver will work! Some companies have already started selling foil brows that come ready to wear if you don’t have any foil in your kitchen drawer.

Triple brows

Your clients can seriously up their eyebrow game by giving themselves an extra two pairs. They may look a little surprised but all’s fair in love and beauty, don’t you think? Certainly worth a try, anyway.

Negative space eyebrows

For something a little different (and quite timely, with Halloween just around the corner), what about suggesting negative space brows to your clients? You need to be able to create a sharp outline around the brow itself and use something to create a contrasting shadow in order to get the look right.