4 Beauty Trends To Try Today

Looking at the most recent runway shows is a great way of checking out what upcoming beauty trends are going to hit next… and by doing so you can get the jump on absolutely everyone, leading the fashion pack day in, day out. Here are four trends that are sure to be big news, according to catwalks everywhere.

Bleach blond tresses 

Step away from the hair straighteners and pick up your sea salt spray… bleach blonde surfer chick hair is back in a big way. Alexander Wang models all recently sported the tousled hair look and they looked fab. So will you! Bedhead hair reigns supreme.

Two tone lips

We love the idea of this one – wearing two shades of lipstick, one on the top lip and one on the bottom. What a fun way of mixing it all up. You could go black and white for a super intense look or keep it fresh for autumn with some red and pink. Whatever you go for, you’ll be turning heads.

Naked eyes

If you’re always in a rush in the mornings, you’ll love the naked eye trend which is exactly what it sounds like… no makeup on your eyes. Tommy Hilfiger models gave this look a go, with just a bit of brown mascara applied at the roots of the eyelashes to give the eyes a bit of a lift.


As for eyelids themselves, keeping things pared back but glossy is still the way forward for makeup at the moment. Just sweep a bit of sheen over the lids and you’re ready to rock and roll.
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