2017: The Year Of The Insane Eyebrow

What beauty trends do you remember from 2017? Were there any particularly memorable techniques or products that stood out for you this year?

According to Harper’s Bazaar, 2017 is the year of the insane eyebrow. The publication pointed out that in the past 12 months a whole host of bizarre designs and techniques have appeared on Instagram, from rainbow coloured brows to those shaped like lightning bolts.

In fact, the magazine has picked up on so many crazy eyebrow trends this year that they’ve dedicated a feature to the weirdest and wackiest options out there.

Among the list are the boxed brow, where small strips of your eyebrow are shaved to leave ‘boxes’ along your browline, and the wavy brow, which, in case you missed it, means your eyebrow is shaped into waves.

Feathered, rainbow and even braided brows all made an appearance on Instagram feeds this year too, as did what was dubbed ‘the royal brow’, which sees your eyebrow made to look like a crown, with a jewel stuck on above each point.

There were even some brands that got in on the action, such as with the Nike brow, with one makeup artist replicating the famous Nike tick on an eyebrow.

And if you thought things were going to wind down on the eyebrow front as we move into Christmas, you were wrong. Allure recently highlighted the festive trend of bauble brows – you can guess where this is going.

One trend that is here to stay though is microblading, which is a great way of getting fuller looking eyebrows that last. Make 2018 the year you do your microblading training to help other people achieve a flawless look.