SPMU Machine Brows Course £2399.00

3 day course includes kit – digital machine, 15 x needles and 5 x pigments and consumables to earn £3000.00 when charging £199 per client.

It is a fantastic course and is designed for people who want to start or add to a career with Micropigmentation and wish to add this great treatment to offer to clients.

Our course comprises of both theory and practical elements regarding Micropigmentation Brows and the structure of the course is designed to ensure that you have completed all the training to equip you with the specialist skills and knowledge to feel confident in carrying out treatments

Entry requirement – None

As local authorities and Government guidelines are being tightened regarding their requirement for registration, now is a good time to get ahead of the game and so that when the regulations start you are immediately compliant.

** Please note that you will be required to provide models to work on during the course unless you live a distance away **

There will be a home study package to complete before and after the course, together with 2 treatment assessments of practical working, together with 3 case studies to complete before the course is completed and a certificate is issued by the centre.

There are 3 days of training both in theory and practical aspects which is shown below.

Our 3 day course enables you to learn the latest techniques for:

  • Brow Enhancement
  • Brow Shaping
  • Ombre Brows
  • Powder Brows
  • Hair Stroke Brows
  • Combination/hybrid Brows

Course includes:

  • Powder/block eyebrows
  • Single Stroke eyebrows
  • Colour therapy
  • Designing eyebrows
  • Introduction to Semi-permanent make-up
  • History of semi-permanent make-up
  • Clients who want treatment
  • Setting up your own business/marketing
  • Insurance
  • Guidelines
  • Hygiene & Safety
  • Licencing
  • Clinical waste
  • Pricing
  • Understanding machine, needles and pigments
  • Consultation
  • Practical treatments on models
  • Anaesthetics
  • Aftercare
  • Anatomy & physiology of the skin and relevant systems
  • Contra-indications & contra-actions

Semi permanent make-up is one of the fastest growing treatments in the UK, as people want to look their best.  They see the “Stars” looking groomed and want to emulate their looks.

It gives an attractive look whether you wear make-up, get up in the morning, go swimming or visit the gym.

Semi permanent make-up is an advanced form of tattooing and uses pigments to achieve the desired look.

Treatment areas

Eyebrows – ideal for people who have:-

  • Over plucked their brows
  • Undergone Chemotherapy
  • Suffered from hair loss
  • People who need to apply brow pencil due to having sparse brows
  • Alopecia sufferers



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