SPMU Saline Pigment Removal Course £325.00

SPMU Saline Pigment Removal Course

Course pre-requisite – you must hold an accredited SPMU brow certificate to come onto this course

You will need to bring your machine and 5R needles to work with during the course

Course kit:

  • 20 x saline pods
  • Gauze
  • Glass dish

Course content:

  • What is saline tattoo removal
  • Who is suitable to have saline tattoo removal
  • Pricing
  • Contra indications
  • Consultation
  • Patch testing
  • Aftercare
  • Tools –
  • SPMU Machine
  • Needles, depth and angles
  • Colour correction
  • Different removal techniques
  • Creating your own brochure

You will not require models for these courses as we work on fake skin.

You are welcome to bring a model to work on

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