Optima Dermawax Mask £299.99

What is the Optima Dermawax treatment

This treatment is where you use a hot wax removal technique which is applied to the face, avoiding certain sensitive areas. The wax is formulated to adhere to the hairs on the face, opening up the pores and hair follicles, and this then allows both fine and coarse hair to be removed, together with dead skin cells that are sitting on the surface of the skin.

The technique of removal is very important so we remove the mask in sections and this helps to prevent any trauma to the skin.

All skin types can have this treatment, however, there are certain conditions that do prevent treatment.

Once the wax has been removed, we then use our dermaraze technique to remove any hairs that remain on the face as we aim to leave the skin hair free, smooth and glowing.


Hot wax is gaining more popularity in recent years and is available in lot of different colours. The revival of this system coincided with the increase on demand for facial waxing. Hot wax is also known as Strip wax as it is applied thickly to the skin and removed as a whole strip when set. Hot wax is time consuming on large areas however its biggest benefit is that hair can be much shorter than needed for warm waxing methods. It works by grabbing the hairs and contracting around them during setting. The hairs are then removed with the strip.

Hot wax has to be applied against hair growth and then back over with the direction of growth. Small strips have to be applied unlike warm wax where you can cover an entire area. Wax can become brittle and be difficult to remove. Hot wax can be more comfortable than warm wax as it does not adhere to the skin. It is the preferred method for some therapists to use during intimate waxing or facial waxing.

The clients must not shave, wax or use hair removal creams before this treatment as we will be removing the hairs with the wax.


There are many reasons clients choose to have this treatment:

  • Clients who have excess vellous/coarse hair on the face
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Clients who have oily skin and they get a build-up of dirt, black heads, milia and sebum in the follicles which become trapped in the hair.
  • Clients make-up will go on much smoother after treatment
  • Clients will have smooth skin to the touch
  • Great preparation for make-up
  • Skin looks fresher, brighter and healthier
  • Clients will use less products as there will be no hairs to absorb the products


Dermawax treatment effects lasts up to 4 weeks depending on certain factors

  • How much oil/sebum is produced in the skin
  • How fast the hair grows back
  • Medication – some medication enhances hair growth
  • Hormones – polycystic ovaries will cause the hair to grow back quickly.
  • Pregnancy can change the hormonal levels in the body so hair can grow quicker

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