Optima Air Glow Facial £1500.00

Our new Optima Air Glow FacialOptima Air Glow Facial  £1500.00 1

This revolutionary treatment uses professional airbrush technology to provide Concentrated Serum Delivery.

The airbrush is a pneumatic device that allows you to deliver a continuous and controlled flow of product. The airbrush allows for deeper penetration of product into the skin and treatments can be tailored for individual skin types.

  • We use authentic, professional Matis products
  • This treatment offers revolutionary, non invasive product delivery
  • Products penetrate the skin faster, where they are more easily absorbed and begin to function immediately
  • Products are absorbed more easily due to nanotechnology and the oxygen infusion process
  • The skin is visually smoother, hydrated, and brighter
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are smoother and softer, and scares can be reduced too
  • Bags/dark circles, acne-prone, reactive skins respond quickly
  • Treatment is painless and comfortable


MATIS – French Beauty Expert



A guarantee of long-established Beauty expertise.
Scientific support from its Research and Development laboratory.
Specific and innovative treatment protocols.


Products created and manufactured in France.

High-performance formulas with outstanding compositions and fragrances.

A synergistic combination for more skin replenishment and effectiveness, a long-proven philosophy

Skin – Science – Senses

Skin – the language of the skin

Biomimicry: products melt into skin, responding to its needs to refine the radiance of your complexion and beautify your skin as gently as you need. Matis stimulates the skin’s functions while you sleep.

Respect for «skin ecology»: Matis products are perfectly tolerated by the skin, respecting the epidermis balance, and optimizing its receptive capacity.

Science – the art of formulation

Multi-performance: By bringing together multiple active ingredients and exclusive complexes, Matis products have precise goals and expected results.

Skin evolves and changes. Matis’ multi-performance approach allows it, to adapt to a variety of needs. Skin does not become saturated because it draws in what it needs.

 Senses – the mirror of emotions

A sensory experience: the experience of Matis care, whether in a salon or at home, means feeling beautiful, confident, and good about yourself. Matis components, fragrances and techniques are an integral part of the pleasure of taking care of yourself. That’s how Matis puts your skin in a «good mood».

Using Matis products is a sensual experience that touches body and soul.


There are many reasons clients choose to have this treatment:

  • Hydrates/nourishes the skin
  • Quick & pain-free penetration of products
  • Skin looks fresher, brighter, smoother and healthier
  • Instant results


Concentrated Serum Delivery treatment results depend on certain individual skin health & condition, as well as:

  • Age
  • Medication usage
  • Hormones

Example treatment plan:


Two treatments twice a week for 2 weeks, followed by weekly treatment i.e.

3-6 treatments within the first 30 days

Treatment refresh every 4 – 8 weeks


1 x Compressor and cup

5 x Matis Serums




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