Nano Brow Course £325.00

Microblading Nano Brows Course £325.00

Microblading Nano Brows Course

To enrol on this course you must hold an accredited qualification in microblading brows

We are excited to announce that we are now offering our new nano brows course which will give you comprehensive knowledge of creating microblading nano brows

Course times:  10am – 1.30pm

What is the difference between Nano Microblading and ordinary Microblading?

Nano Microblading is a technique using tiny blades 0.16mm and they come in sizes 15,18,18U & 20U blades.

These tiny blades help to create perfect sharp outline strokes for fine hair stroke brows.

Ordinary Microblading uses larger blades and cannot create the fine nano brows.

Course pre-requisite – you must hold an accredited microbading brow certificate to come onto this course

Course kit:

  •  40 x assorted nano blades

Course content:

  • What are Nano Brows
  • Creating nano brows
  • Colour choice and colour correction
  • Creating your own brochure/who is suitable/pricing
  • Contra indications/consultation/patch testing & aftercare
  • Tools – Microblading hand tool, blades, depth and angles

You will not require models for these courses as we work on fake skin – you can bring a model if you wish, but, they must not have had any previous treatment on their brows

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