Microblading Saline Tattoo Course – £325.00

We are excited to announce that we are now offering our new Microblading saline tattoo removal course which will give you comprehensive knowledge of removing unwanted ink and pigment using a saline solution from the skin including eyebrows, lips microblading and scalp pigmentation safely.

To be able to attend this course you must already hold an accredited microblading brows qualification

4hrs theory & practical training


  • 10 x saline pods
  • 20 x assorted microblades
  • Gauze

Saline, when implanted into the skin then dries up and it will then dry out the pigment in the skin and lift and remove the unwanted pigment during the skin healing process.

Our removal course is great to help you to –

  • Lighten brows that are too dark or have an orange or grey/blue hue left on the skin after previous treatment
  • Remove “mistakes” that have been made
  • Lighten dark brows when a client wants to have lighter colour brows.
  • You can also remove old ink tattoos
  • Remove tattoos that have been treated with laser treatments and have faded, but, not disappeared.

Saline Correction and Removal

  • What is Saline removal
  • Creating your own brochure/who is suitable/pricing
  • Contraindications/consultation/patch testing & aftercare
  • Tools – Microblading hand tool, blades, depth and angles
  • Colour correction
  • Different removal methods

It is a good idea for you to bring a model with you to work on so you can see the progress of the removal process of the pigment.

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