Microblading Ombre Brows Course £650.00

Microblading Ombre Brows Course is designed for experienced Microblading Technicians only who hold a certificate in Microblading Brows.

Microblading a very popular treatment, especially for eyebrows. Microblading Ombre Brows technique uses a manual tool to carefully apply pigments to the eyebrow hairs, giving a fuller and perfectly styled finish. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup and so is a favourite for those who struggle with their eyebrows day today. Ombre brows give a natural, soft look that fades slowly, ideal for the everyday. They are perfect for every situation which makes them highly sought after and are guaranteed to generate more clients to your door.

Being qualified in Eyebrow Microblading is an absolute must for any beauty therapist, as it is one of the most popular and in-demand treatments in the beauty industry right now. Our ombre brows course is the perfect add on for a Microblading Technician who is looking to refine their craft, expand their portfolio and become a brow expert. Ombre brows can be seen worn by celebrities in all of the mainstream media as of late, making them one of the most asked for treatments in beauty today. 

We never have more than 5 students per class per tutor

1 day course plus 3 case studies to complete before certification

Ombre Brows is the latest treatment that is trending at the moment in the beauty industry.

Ombre brows look really soft and subtle and give the illusion of a filled in bold brow without looking harsh.

They give the brows a lush full look with an effect of two tones – lighter and darker using different brow colours.

The Ombre brows are created by creating a lighter shade on the inside and gradually darkening towards the arch and outer length offering natural, lush looking brows.

The idea is to create a brow colour close to the natural brow colour on the inner area of the brow and then deepen the colour to give a fabulous natural graduation of deeper colour.

Course content –

  • Learners will be taught a structured curriculum from consultation and consent, photographing brows, setting up of work area, sterilisation of treatment area, hygiene, health & safety
  • Learn how to use dilution of pigments to create the different effects
  • Use 3D shading effect using artistic flair for design
  • Use combination of strokes and Ombre effect manual shading/powder brow techniques with blending from the bulb of the brow to the top blending transition of colour shading, hair simulation transition
  • Shapes, symmetry, drawing and measuring techniques
  • Placement into correct area of the dermis
  • Correct blade choice to give the best implantation of pigment and different blade holders
  • Pigment choice of colours
  • Anaesthetic protocols and usage
  • Trouble shooting

Kit included with course:

  • course manual
  • 1 x brow pigment
  • 5 x disposable blade holders
  • 10 x 21R blades
  • 10 x flat shading blades

You will be required to complete 3 case studies as part of this course before your certificate will be issued. This is for your benefit only, to ensure you are practised and ready to administer the treatment independently. 






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