Microblading Hair Stroke & Ombre Brows Course 3 Days £1200.00 **Limited Special Offer**

Microblading Hair Stroke & Ombre Brows Course 3 Days

Our BESPOKE 3 day Microblading Hair Stroke & Ombre Brow Course is designed to offer you the ultimate Microblading Course where you will be learning the most up-to-date microblading techniques.  Our main goal is to offer you with the confidence and skills to be offer microblading hair stroke or ombre brows on completing the course.

Techniques are used to create natural hair stroke brows which will give lift and will emphasize the Brows – we teach you the most up to date treatment techniques that are trending at the moment in the beauty industry.

Taking our Microblading course will enable you to have the potential earning of over £200+ per client when charging £250.00 per treatment

Our course is split into 2 parts over the 3 days comprising of both theory and practical

  • Hair stroke Brows – creating natural realistic brows
  • Ombre Brows – creating graduated colour brows
  • Advanced Colour Techniques – this includes checking for skin tone and choosing the appropriate pigment colours to match hair
  • Brow Mapping & Design – You will learn how to design and measure the correct brow shape accurately to suit each clients features
  • Pain control – we discuss the numbing products available, the timing and the regulations of their use
  • Working on fake skins – to get used to using the blades and how to create hair strokes and ombre brows
  • Working on live models –  you will complete 3 treatments during your training with us – 2 x hair stroke and 1 x ombre brows
  • Hygiene, health & safety – this covers licencing regulations, sterilising, disinfection, sharps & waste disposal and all related theory
  • Client consultation – importance of consultation & consent, pre & post care advice, patch testing, contra indications, contra actions,
  • Record Keeping, medicines preventing treatment, client care and top-up procedures
  • History of Microblading – where microblading started
  • Infection & blood borne diseases
  • Anatomy & Physiology – we cover the Skin structure, layers of the skin, functions where the pigment should be placed during treatment
  • Pre-course home study – this covers background research into the Microblading procedures
  • On-going post training support for our students

Microblading is one of the fastest growing treatments in the UK, as people want to look their best.  They see the “Stars” looking groomed and want to emulate their looks. It gives an attractive look whether you wear make-up, get up in the morning, go swimming or visit the gym. Semi-permanent make-up is an advanced form of tattooing and uses pigments to achieve the desired look.

Microbladed Eyebrows are ideal for people who have:-

  • Overplucked their brows
  • Undergone Chemotherapy
  • Suffered from hair loss
  • People who need to apply brow pencil due to having sparse brows
  • Alopecia sufferers
  • Clients who want perfect brows
  • Clients with sight impairment
  • Enhanced natural features

KIT INCUDED – Our kit includes all the products you will need to complete 15 treatments at your salon with enough pigments to carry out 40 treatments so there is no need to purchase anything else to get started in your microblading career.  We have a very well stocked online shop for your top-up consumables


4 x brow pigments 

15 x disposable blade holders

20 x brow blades 9/12

10 x 9 round blades

20 x 21 round blades

10 x After care ointments

1 x measuring caliper

10 x stick on brow measures

10 x patch test needles

1 x makeup brown pencil

2 x black marker pens

2 x practice skins

2 x course manuals


Day 1 –  Theory covering hygiene, health & safety, hands on training in brow mapping, design etc

Day 2 – Hair Stroke brows x 2 practical treatments on live models

Day 3 – Ombre brows x 1 practical treatment on a live model

We can provide models if you live a distance from our training centre.

It is preferable you provide models so you can see the healing results post treatment and plan for the top-up procedure

Pre entry requirement:

You must hold a Level 2 beauty certificate or equivalent in brow tinting, shaping and waxing to be able to come on our Microblading course.

If you do not hold this qualification then we offer our Lash and Brow Design course for £250.00 on the day before the Microblading Course.  This course covers brow shaping, lash & brow tinting and brow waxing so this course gives you the opportunity to offer additional lash & brow treatments.




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