What is Nano Brows & Saline Tattoo Removal?

Eyebrows have always been big business in the makeup industry and thankfully over the past decade, we have started to see more natural, fuller looking brows becoming a staple in everyone’s makeup look. The 90s brought with it the trend for extremely thin, pencil arched eyebrows (with some people and even well-known celebrities opting to completely shave off or over-pluck their natural brows to allow them to redraw the pencil-thin line). As a result of this questionable trend, many people who lived through this era now have sparse-looking eyebrows that never really grew back. Added to this group of 90s teens are also those who might just have naturally very thin brows, have lost hair as they have aged or even clients who may suffer from medical conditions that can affect hair growth on the brow line. It can be incredibly frustrating for these clients when all they want is a good looking full brow that will last.

Sparse, over-plucked, uneven or simply misshapen brows are definitely not on trend, but, what can you do if you simply don’t have the natural fluffy brows you want and can’t grow them back? At first, eyebrow tattooing stepped in as a way to get those perfectly thin lines back in the 90s and then some opted to have thicker brow lines tattooed on. However, traditional tattoos cannot mimic the natural hairlines and don’t allow clients to give the illusion of naturally full brows. If your clients have not opted to go down the tattoo route, many may draw their brows on or fill them out with a pencil each day which is a very time-consuming activity. It’s no surprise then that microblading has taken the beauty industry by storm over the last few years as it is the perfect solution to provide your clients with semi-permanent, natural looking eyebrows.

Microblading has been a popular part of semi-permanent makeup for years now, helping people to love themselves and their looks again. Ombre brows and hair stroke brows have been some of the go-to treatments dominating the industry lately. But, as always there are new techniques coming into the field which your clients may want to try out. Nano brows have arrived and are starting to take centre stage when it comes to eyebrows. Nano brows offer a fine needle technique that seamlessly entwines with the brow hairs to create an extremely natural look that can perfectly mimic very fine hairs.

Some clients with existing microbladed brows want to try out this new style – but might worry how they can if they have already gone for a different type of microblading procedure in the past such as an ombre treatment. With the arrival of the much sought after nano brows, there has been an increase in people seeking the removal of their current tattooed eyebrows. Saline tattoo removal is gaining popularity, and if you want to make sure you can take on the nano brows trend completely, you need to be prepared for those who need their old brows removing first. With a combined saline tattoo removal and nano brows course, Advanced Aesthetics Training offers you and your clinic the opportunity to learn the must-have skills that will boost your business considerably.

What is Saline Tattoo Removal?

Whilst microblading is still a very popular semi-permanent tattoo technique, not everyone is happy with their results. Some people may have had a terrible experience with a low-quality practitioner who promised them natural looking brows but delivered something very different. Whereas some clients may simply wish to try out the latest trend and want a more natural look. If they have already had pigment in their brows, they will need to remove this pigment first so that they can start again with their nano brow procedure.

Saline tattoo removal is a crucial skill that will allow future clients to come to you for not only new brows but also the removal of their old ones. This skill can double your income and help you to create the desired looks that your clients want. The technique involves implanting a saline solution over the current semi-permanent makeup on the eyebrow, which will break up the healed pigment and begin to lift it out of the skin by osmosis. As the pigment is slowly pulled to the surface of the skin, it starts to heal into a scab. So, when the scab falls off, so does the pigment along with it, leaving a much lighter tattoo that can then be nano bladed over for the client’s desired look.

Many people wanting to be rid of their old microbladed brows are turning to saline removal over the more traditional laser tattoo removal. Laser removal merely causes the body to absorb the ink, whereas saline removal lifts most of the ink through the surface of the skin. Not only is this less painful, but it also creates a more faded tattoo in the end, ready to be inked over. If you want to generate more clients and revenue for your clinic, you need to make sure you are skilled in saline tattoo removal, otherwise, you make yourself unavailable to hundreds of people seeking this type of corrective procedure.

What Are Nano Brows?

Once their old eyebrows are gone, clients are then in the perfect position to try out the latest trend – Nano Brows. But, what actually are they? A nano brow is a streamlined brow that is achieved with the use of tiny 0.16mm blades to create perfect, sharp strokes. The smaller blades create the illusion of finer hair strokes, which ordinary microblading cannot always achieve with its much larger blades.

This semi-permanent makeup technique uses a unique hypoallergenic pigment blend that works better with your skin tone, hair colour and brow-hair to create the perfect image of a natural brow. It is a step away from ombre brows and other ‘traditional’ microblading techniques as it focuses more on a completely natural look which doesn’t create a block of colour that draws too much attention. Nano brows are a more subtle and understated type of microblading.

Nano brows have been a hit with celebrities too, with Made in Chelsea’s Binky Felstead a fan of the technique, as well as Louise Roe and Lydia Rose Bright. With this trend growing in popularity and awareness every day, it won’t be long until it’s across all the red carpets and in all the magazines. But, it will be hard to spot! These fine needles create such natural-looking brows that you almost need the celebrity to admit themselves they have had the procedure to even know if it has been done – perfect for your clients who want the natural look.

Nano brows are the next big thing in aesthetics, and if you want to take advantage of this, you need to learn these skills now. Unfortunately, you can’t simply try and teach yourself, as the procedure involves a whole host of new techniques and skills. Taking a nano brow course allows you to learn how to use the new needle sizes and create the fine strokes that men, women and celebrities are seeking across the country. Once you have this knowledge, nothing is stopping your clinic from reaping the benefits of the nano brow wave about to hit the UK in full force.

Nano brows are the current go-to treatment for eyebrows. Not learning this could be detrimental to your clinic as your potential microblading clients may opt for a competitor who can perform this new style. Even those who already have semi-permanent eyebrows could seek someone else who can help remove the tattoo and replace them with nano brows. Taking our combined saline tattoo removal and nano brow technique course allows you to learn both skills and apply them to real life clients – both current and future. To learn more about the course, contact us today.