How to Get Your Clinic Ready for Christmas

With only a matter of weeks until Christmas, most people will have started their present shopping and will be looking around for a great deal. This means it is time for your clinic to step up and start making the necessary preparations for the Christmas season! Whether it’s through special offers, gift cards or marketing, there are different things you as a company can do to make sure that you are recognised as an ideal present for a cosmetic lover or the go-to place to get pampered at for the upcoming parties. If you fail to do these things, don’t be surprised if, after people’s Christmas top-up appointments, business starts to slow.

Read on to learn more about how to get your clinic Christmas ready and guarantee your sales shoot up this season!


Introduce Special Offers

With Christmas coming there really isn’t a more perfect time to introduce special offers. People are always looking for ways to save money over the festive season with so many extra outgoings and people to buy presents for. And, with the holiday injecting a sense of fun and gift-giving, it’s not rare for some people to treat themselves when they ordinarily wouldn’t. So, whether or not the treatment is for themselves or someone else, special offers can entice customers. This is especially beneficial if sales have been low in the run-up to winter, as it can give you a boost over the next few months and help to introduce you to potentially long-lasting customers. If the recipient of the gift likes your treatments, they are more likely to have their top-ups and future procedures from your business – and pay full price!

Play on the themes of Christmas in the names of your offers and make they aesthetically pleasing. Snowmen, Santas, snow and Christmas trees can add a festive twist to any online promotions, engaging more consumers. Start your special offers now so that people have a sufficient gap of time to decide whether this is the right gift/treatment and purchase it before the offer runs out!


Learn the Latest Marketing Techniques

While transforming faces and enhancing features may be what you are more used to, marketing is something that you need to learn if you want to take your business to the next level this Christmas. If you decide to do your marketing on a budget yourself rather than hiring an outside company, there is still so much you can do to get your brand out there. Research into the latest marketing trends and apply them to your social media posts and website to make sure that you are attracting the right audience and engaging them confidently. If someone looks at your Twitter and sees little activity and dull posts, they won’t find themselves wanting to learn more about your services. However, if you’ve started testing new marketing techniques now, the closer you get to Christmas, the more effective you will be at attracting potential customers.

Use Google to find some on-trend marketing ideas by subscribing to free email newsletters or websites that can send you articles highlighting marketing techniques that you could test. Here, you will learn the biggest and best marketing tips at the same time as the largest companies out there. This means you can keep up with your competitors and stay in the public eye.


Sell Gift Cards

There may be people out there who know that their friends want a procedure done but don’t remember exactly which one they want. But, this shouldn’t stop them from getting their loved ones the gift they know that they are hoping for. Gift cards allow people can give their family or friends money towards a treatment without facing the risk of accidentally purchasing the wrong one. But, not all clinics offer gift cards, so make sure you are one of those who do as people are then more likely to choose your business as they can give a risk-free present.

Gift cards don’t have to be a Christmas-only thing. You can sell them all year round. But, if you are only just introducing them now, make sure you promote them across all your social media channels and display them at the clinic. It’s one thing to have them, but if you fail to promote them to the public effectively, they’ll never take off.


Update Your Branding

With Christmas comes neverending opportunities to add some festive cheer to your branding that can help engage the consumer’s attention even more. And, once the consumer is engaged, your website and social media channels can show them the current Christmas offers and procedures available at your clinic.

Transform your website with festive-related images such as snow, candy canes and gingerbread men for a toned down yet Christmassy feel. This shows the public that your business must be very active and professional as you are updating your website to suit the seasons. Turn bullet points into little trees and add present icons that send consumers to your booking pages. With your social media, you can update your profile icons and banners to include similar images that get potential customers in the Christmas mood and thinking about treating themselves and buying presents.

But, make sure with all of this you don’t completely alter the core branding of your business. Make sure your staple colours remain and that your name and logo stay unchanged. While updating some colours for promotions and titles for special offers may be fun, completely changing some things may lead your business to become unrecognisable to some customers – causing confusion.

Christmas is a fun time for everyone, and it can be a great business opportunity for you as well. By dedicating the time and energy into making these little changes you can see a significant increase in your sales and reap the benefits over the Christmas period. This time of year is also a great opportunity for you to introduce new treatments as people are looking for ways to look their best. If you want to learn more about the courses we offer, then contact us today for more information.