Aesthetics Trends of 2019

As we enter 2019, we wanted to reflect on the cosmetic trends of the past as well as look to the future to make some predictions for what will be big in our industry this year. With the technological age upon us, there are various treatments to help alter or enhance our beauty. In this new year, we predict many different treatments will dominate the cosmetic industry and take the limelight as the most sought-after procedures. From Plasma Lifts to Nano Brows, we will see treatments that offer a variety of benefits to our potential clients taking the top spots.

So, learning these new techniques now is essential for any practitioners wanting to stay ahead of the beauty game so they can reap the benefits for longer. Read on to learn more about each cosmetic therapy, how it’s used and what it can treat.

Plasma Lift

In 2019 we expect to see this already very popular treatment have an even bigger surge in interest. Plasma Lifts are an incredible treatment option for clients trying to create a more youthful look. The treatment is designed to improve skin tone and texture and reverse the effects of ageing. It can reduce fine lines, the appearance of wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and discolouration. Results can last for 2-3 years securing its place as a go-to treatment this year in the industry.

Plasma Lift uses plasma, which is the fourth state of matter, to ionise gases in the air and create a small electrical arc to treat dermal and epidermal areas. The tissues are ‘sublimated’ to avoid spreading unwanted heat to surrounding areas. It can treat sagging eyes, wrinkles, frown lines, uneven or sagging skin, loose skin on the jaw and neck as well as skin tags and seborrheic keratosis.

This treatment came into the cosmetic world with instant popularity due to its ability to deliver outstanding results. Without needing highly invasive surgery, people can use Plasma Lift to help tighten the skin on the neck as well as visibly reduce the presentation of skin blemishes. There is little downtime needed with no significant trauma to the skin or stitches required. With long-lasting results, this treatment is going to be a definite favourite for many as we enter 2019.

Nano Brows

The world has never been more obsessed with eyebrows than it is now. So, it’s no surprise we will see nano brows grow as a trend in 2019 and dominate the cosmetic industry. Nano Microblading is a technique using tiny blades of 0.16mm, in sizes 15, 18, 18U and 20U to create the perfect, natural looking, fluffy eyebrows. Practitioners use the blades to draw fine hair strokes that imitate real life brow hairs, filling in gaps and shaping the natural brow.

In our course, you will learn what Nano Brows are as well as the unique techniques needed to create these perfect brows. The way you handle the tool, the depth and angles you use can all alter the outcome of the Nano brow and the client’s satisfaction. As more celebrities share their experiences with microblading, the popularity of this cosmetic treatment is only going to grow. Having this skill mastered for the upcoming year can ensure that you benefit from the enormous demand.

Vampire Facial (PRP)

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rupert Everett have made the ‘Vampire Facial’ rise in popularity in 2018, setting it up to be one of the most significant trends in the new year. Also known as the Liquid Gold Facelift, the treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles to revitalise the skin and give the client a youthful look. Results are typically visible after three weeks but gradually improve over three to six months.

The Vampire Facial is called so because it involves taking the client’s blood and harvesting the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to apply to the skin. This then stimulates the body’s natural healing process and repair system. This works because Platelets contain growth factors which are responsible for healing injured and damaged tissues in our body. The injected PRP, therefore, triggers cells in the treatment area to reproduce rapidly, stimulating repair and rejuvenating the skin.


If your clients have scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage, stretch marks or acne scars, our Dermaroller course can help you to learn how to reduce their visibility and improve the confidence of your clients. Often referred to as micro-needling, the cosmetic therapy rolls the titanium device across the skin to create tiny puncture wounds. These stimulate the body’s healing process, rapidly producing collagen and elastin which improve the appearance and texture of the skin as well as the condition.

You apply a topical anaesthetic cream to the skin before the treatment to avoid any discomfort for the client. While the device is then rolled across the skin, treatment serums are applied via the channels formed from the micro-needles. During the healing process, the serums penetrate deeper into the lower levels of the dermis to help regenerate new skin cells. The production of collagen is accelerated, helping the skin appear younger, smoother, brighter and healthier. Typically, you’d recommend a course of 3-4 treatments six weeks apart to your clients if you want to get the best results and make them a walking billboard of your work.

There’s no time like the present to continue your education and learn more skills necessary for creating the most sought-after cosmetic clinic. With all of these treatments predicted to do well in the new year, learning them now benefits you and your business most. To learn more about the treatments mentioned and the courses available, contact us today.